NOTE - We have had a few changes to our ordering process, to keep up with technology and to provide our clients with a streamline ordering system.

Finding your images; Browse the site for the event you attended, quick tip: the newest events will be at the top. Ordering your images is now easier I will need:

1. Show or Event you attended

2. The album (something like: WAQHA State Show – Halter)

3. Below each image is a number (looks something like 23/103) this is the number I will need to assist you with your purchase.

4. We now have an order form please download it, fill in the details and email it back to

No photos are to be copied or used in any way prior to purchase. We put in long hours, our equipment costs are high, to provide a professional photographic service for you all. Any images that are copied will be billed at the high resolution rate for each image copied, and may incur copyright charges.